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Alpha Plus Group works with carefully selected, high quality partners to deliver Gold Standard education outside of the United Kingdom.

Our partners benefit from the Group’s deep educational and governance expertise as well as practical guidance with curriculum, recruitment and training, and marketing. Alpha Plus Group’s partners can further benefit from the prestige of the Alpha Plus brand through licensing and development opportunities.

All our partners commit to aspirational standards of “excellence” in learning and health and safety,  in accordance with the Alpha Plus Gold Standard. Specifically, our partnership ventures aim to deliver:

  • educational excellence and excellence in teaching;
  • market-leading educational leadership talent and pedagogy; and
  • market-leading facilities.

Our partners

Yango Preschool Group

Yango Preschool Group is leading in the investment into, and the management of, preschool education. With nearly 20 years of preschool educational experience, Yango Preschool Group has established nearly 200 high-quality nursery schools around China. In 2016, Yango Preschool Group and Alpha Plus Group committed to establishment of Alpha Plus Nurseries for delivering original British education to Chinese families.

Yango Preschool Group’s mission is to set a gold standard of preschool education in China, and provide online and offline educational services in parallel, which will redefine China's preschool educational ecosystem.

Our Affiliated Schools

Children's Academy Bahrain

The Children's Academy Bahrain is an independent school for children with moderate learning difficulties who possess the cognitive skills to benefit from an academic programme based on the British National Curriculum. It is affiliated to the Alpha Plus Group.